1. Who is suitable to bellydance?

All females are welcome. My students range from teen year's to their 60s. No one is too old to dance.



2. What is the appropriate dressing for the bellydancing class?


You can simply wear something comfortable like workout pants/ dance pants, tank top/leotard/ even a fitting cotton T-shirt, hip scarf or any scarf that is long enough to tie over your hips.



3. Does bellydance helps to lose weight?


Yes. Any form of physical activity can help you to lose weight especially with sensible eating habits.



4. Can I bellydance without any dance background?


Of course you can dance, it’s a great way to start taking other dance cos it gives you a sense of body confident and comfort that no other dance can provide.



5. Can a pregnant woman bellydance too?


Pregnant women find belly dancing an excellent prenatal exercise because it strengthens the pelvic muscles and loosens up the abdominal area. It strengthens back and leg muscles, which are very critical for a woman to carry her pregnancy well.



6. Is bellydance like exotic dance or seductive dance?


Bellydance is a culture, an art & dance form which is highly artistic. It started thousands of years ago as a birth ritual dance, a celebration for birth and new lives. No doubt bellydance brings the beauty, grace and femininity out of women which looks sensual but its not an exotic or sexual dance. Its a dance that celebrates womanhood. 





7. How do I know if I am good enough to continue to next level?


Majority of students are able to progress to next level unless the instructor has other suggestion. If only certain techniques need extra coaching , we suggest  to take up 1-2 private classes.




8. If I have to be out-station or go on one week holiday, how do I make-up for the missing class?


There is no make-up lesson if student misses any lesson. But you may want to attend the Monday class if you missed the Sunday class to catch up the technique and choreography. If you miss many classes for long holiday or business trips, please ask Nadia to arrange the private or semi-private class for follow-up. 



9. If I want to improve certain techniques, how can I do it?


Engage Nadia for your private coaching , to learn , correct or improve certain techniques  OR strengthen those muscles that are used for the certain techniques through professional advise.



10. When can I perform bellydance?


You can perform anytime you feel confident enough to show what you’ve got. Belly dance is more than just techniques; it’s a reflection of your personality, spirit & energy. Dance with your heart and the audience will be able to appreciate your warmth and compassion. Please be advised to wear appropriate costumes for different types of Belly Dance style and occasions.