Hello, ladies! My name is Nadia, A professional Japanese Bellydancer bases in Singapore.

NADIA Bellydance Entertainment & School Singapore has been operated 8 years since 2011, and I am the founder of this dance company and the main teacher. I moved to Singapore in 2005 to start-up my career as bellydancer. Now a days, I teach more 100 students per year through my regular classes, workshops, private lessons in Singapore, Tokyo, Taiwan, Malaysia , and many more places.

Our studio location is amazingly convenient as only 5 min walk away from MRT Steavens station, Raffles Town Club's 2nd floor, the Harmony Studio next swimming pool. Students are provided the beautiful changing rooms, shower rooms, steam sauna, cafe, and resting space where they can be relaxed after the bellydance lesson.

Our bellydance lesson, which is available for women-only, will be able to dance in simple and memorable, but very stylish NADIA's choreography within 8 to 10 weeks, based on a harmonious foundation that is not burdens on the body, Nadia Teaching method devised by HADIA from Canada who is one of the most influential global bellydance masters for her, how to use each muscles based on anatomy will be taught politely.

The lessons students are from 20s to 60s, having a wide range of age groups, from those who aim for exercises that can be enjoyed for fun, some students dance for release the stress from work, or refreshing of the body (improvement of stiff shoulders, back pain, humpbacks, shape up stomach belly) , of cause some advanced students aim for the direction of real stage debut and become a professional dancer, everyone has various purpose. I do prepare all lesson programs to suit each purpose.

About 90% or more of students currently enrolled are started from the entry level of exercise inactivity including dance. Most people who join while muttering that 'my body is not flexible'. First of all, starting with building a foundation properly, I will make your body that you can dance. If you continue, you gain not only strength up nor shape up nor flexibility, but also spiritual strength gain.

After acquiring the technique of the lifetime, studying also the way of expression in the stage, attractive manner conscious of beauty, rhythm and instruments of Arabic music, cultural background, and artistic works incorporating the individuality of each person, and we will make opportunities to perform.

It is not a dream to have a gorgeous performance opportunity in this unique land, Singapore. Many students in the past made their debuts on the stage, and they fluttered beautifully!



It is also wonderful that you will be able to accept your own personality and complex by bellydance.

Dance is elegance and dynamism, sports that expresses art. I do teach my students doing muscle training to make a danceable body, so there is severity like sports. However, at the same time, the artistic sense is also polished-up for each students.

Every choreography is a work of art, the stage is a canvas where our painting color is on.


There is a sense that each movement places a beautiful color, and dance is a creative expression itself. When the spirit is uplifting and expressing the words of the soul on the body, it is surrounded by tremendous exhilaration and happiness. Even once a week, continuing dancing routinely alleviates daily stress and gives you a joy to your life.

Among many dance genres, especially bellydance is a dance that is allowed to express femininity in its fullest. It is neither courting dance nor street dance. I am convinced that Oriental dance (belly dance) danced with Arab 's historical classical songs is a dance to fully enjoy the joy of having a woman as a woman and to shine both inside and outside.


Why don't you join us on a journey to discover "Beautiful Frontiers" that you never knew before?  

For your first step, please come to the trial lesson at Raffles Town Club where I teach.


I am looking forward to seeing you ladies in the studio!


NADIA Bellydance Entertainment & School - Founder & Director